Fort Wayne K prepayment (1905 to 1916) Up

The case of this prepayment meter was a modified version of the singlephase meter with an integrated "Wood" prepayment device. This meter used the element of the K, K-1, K-2, or K-3, depending on which model was in production at the time. The coin (either a quarter or a dime) was inserted into the knob and turned. As the knob turns, the coin is sent down the front of the meter into the coin box at bottom and a spring in the prepayment device at top is wound, advancing the credit counter by one. As the rotor turns, it slowly unwinds the mainspring in the prepayment device, and when it gets down to 0, a switch lever is tripped, breaking the circuit through the meter.

Besides the combined version, the "Wood" prepayment device was available separately for use with K series watthour meters outfitted with a momentary contact device on the register and resembles GE's Form 3 prepayment device.

Fort Wayne prepayment meter
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Fort Wayne prepayment device
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