General Electric Meters

DC Singlephase Polyphase Prepayment Standards
Service Switchboard Service Switchboard Service Switchboard AC DC AC DC
TRW (T-H)   TRW (T-H)              
TRW (GE) TRW Fm. G TRW (GE)       TRW (GE) TRW (GE)    
  TRW Fm. GG-4 Form C              
    Form C-4   Thomson Thomson        
    High Torque              
C series CS I IS D-3 DS-2, -3 IP CP IB CB-2
    I-8 IS-2, 3 D-4 DS-4, -5 IP-2 CP-2 IB-2, -3 CB-3
    I-10       IP-3, IP-4 CP-3, CP-4 IB-4 CB-4
C-15   I-14 IS-4, 5 D-6 to D-9 DS-6, -7, -9 IP-5   IB-5, -6 CB-5
    I-15 IS-6, 7 D-8, D-13 DS-8, -11, -13        
    I-16 IS-8 D-14, -15 DS-19 to -44     IB-7, -8  
    I-20S, I-20A IS-9 to -12         IB-9  
    I-30S, I-30A   V series       IB-10  
    I-50S, I-50A              

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For data on later GE meters, refer to the modern meters section.