I-70S (1968 to 2006) Previous
The I-70S was a redesign of the I-60S for a lower profile and lighter weight by using a smaller and more efficient voltage coil assembly. The frame was also treated with a corrosion-proof powder coat finish. The earliest I-70S meters have two full-load adjusters, one intended for factory adjustment only. Some of these were initially produced with a shiny finish on the aluminum register and nameplate, and were replaced by the more common dull finish after complaints that they were hard to read on a sunny day. In 1970, the I-70S/1 was introduced which eliminiated one set of brake magnets to improve the meter's efficency and made it more immune to loss of magnet strength from surges. The I-70S/2 meter was introduced in 1973 and has aluminum current coils and surge relief gaps. A lower-cost version of the I-70S was introduced after production was transferred to Mexico (sandblast finish on the inner frame instead of powder coating; base uses less material; current coils made of copper). As part of the industry's transition to electronic meters and acceptance of the new I-210 meter, the I-70S was discontinued.

Incidentally, an A-base version of this meter (type I-70A) was developed and is presently used in Canada.
Photo by Austin International