MT series (1969 to 1993) Previous

Following the introduction of the MS singlephase meter, the MT polyphase meter made its appearance. This line of meters marked a return to the laminated disk last used on the MG line of meters. Although the arrangement of stators was similar to the other manufacturers', the light and lag load adjustments on this line of meters were different. Instead of the usual movable plates, the adjustments were made by moving a slug within coils extending from the stator cores. Also, the type designator was changed from the service type to the form number (MR-3S became MT-16S, MR-2 1/2PT became MT-6A, etc.).

Because of the growing demand for electronic polyphase meters that could collect far more information than their mechanical counterparts, Landis & Gyr discontinued the MT line of meters in favor of their SSM and Sx electronic polyphase models.

Photo by David Dahle