Thank You

Dale Diedtrich for providing utility publications that included a few advertisements for refurbished meters.

Randy Austin, Elijah Stewart, and Lyn Morgan of Austin International (now Vision Metering) for some general information.

Joe Bixby of Hialeah Meter for answering MANY questions as well as supplying additional information, parts, and more meters.

Larry Miller for finding the 1950s edition of the Meterman's Handbook.

Joe Maurath, Jr. for further information as well as a few early additions to the collection.

Donald Price for information on various models and some more meters for the collection.

Helen Weltin and Chris Hunter at the GE Hall of Electrical History for additional data on GE meters.

David Turner for more research material and the loan of a few meters to study / photograph.

Bill Meier for technical assistance with the original website.